How Teachers Prep

Use our suite of tools to streamline, personalize and cut your prep time in half

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How It Works

An intuitive workflow based on best teaching practices to support new teachers. Built by educators

Standards Aligned

Build a strong foundation by planning efficiently and staying focused on learning objectives to increase lesson mastery

Choose your standard
Search our database and choose a standard to start creating your resource
Choose your resource
Exit ticket? Homework? Anchor chart? Feel at ease knowing all of your resources are produced from your state standards
Focus on what matters
Less time prepping and more time to help your students achieve mastery
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Ready-To-Use Resources

Built from a wide knowledge base of teacher materials to create resources you can implement in your classroom today

Knowledge base
Our system pulls from our vast collection of real teacher exemplars to design your resources
Super simple
Easy-to-follow layouts to keep your lessons organized and consistent throughout the year
Ready to implement
Download your completed resource and start building your lesson
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You know your students best, so customize every resource to match your classroom's needs

Customize your document in the browser or download to desktop
Make your teacher personality and students the center of every lesson
Add your resource to tomorrow's lesson or next month's unit plan
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Test Our Worksheet Maker Tool

Create standards-aligned worksheets

Select Your Standard

Start by choosing your standard type and subject to refine your search. Then, choose your standard from the dropdown menu or type in to search

Type of Question

Choose the question format for your worksheet

Number of Questions

Enter the number of questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these tools supposed to replace my lesson planning?
No! Our tools are designed to complement your expertise and streamline your lesson planning process, not replace it.
Are these tools considered AI?
The underlying technology is a Large Language Model (LLM) that has been refined in-house by our staff. We used our years of combined teaching and teacher training experience to develop the best results for each tool.
Do I need to sit through training or PD to learn how to use these tools?
No! Our tools are designed to be intuitive for teachers. You should be able to use a tool without any training or PD.

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